Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

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Your smile is often the first thing that creates an impression on people’s mind about you. A winning smile displaying a row of perfectly-set, sparkling white teeth can create magic and open doors in the unlikeliest of places with little effort. However, not everybody is blessed with a winning smile naturally but that is something that can be easily rectified with cosmetic dentistry.

How Can The Process Help You?

Advancement in medical technology means you can now change your smile and the setting of your teeth for the better with the help of cosmetic dentistry. In fact, more and more people are now using this technique to get a much-needed facelift that can make them look younger instantly. This is because through this treatment you can easily reverse the signs of natural aging on your teeth and get back your youthful smile. The procedure is also the only ray of hope of people who rarely smile in public because of unattractive teeth, broken or discoloured teeth or uneven teeth setting.

Common Categories of Treatment

Technological improvements and the use of natural; tooth-coloured materials ensure that modern cosmetic dentistry is both predictable and durable. Moreover, use of modern gadgets and procedures such as lasers ensure that such treatments are quick, hassle-free, require minimum recovery time and are also absolutely safe and effective. All in all, you can expect a highly satisfactory result when you chose any of the several cosmetic dental treatment options available as enumerated below.

Inlays or Onlays

These are also referred to as indirect fillings and are made from composite materials or porcelain. They are the most common and durable method of treating tooth cavity caused due to decay or any structural damage.

Composite Bonding

This process is commonly used to repair broken, chipped or decayed teeth. A composite material resembling natural dentin and enamel is applied on the cavity or the broken surface of the tooth and then sculpted and contoured to resemble its natural shape. A high-intensity light is used to harden the material and merge it thoroughly with the rest of the tooth.


Veneers are recommended by dentists to fill in any ugly gap in your teeth or to treat severe teeth discoloration. These comprise porcelain or composite laminates that are bonded with adhesives to the surface of the damaged or discoloured tooth.


Implants are root replacements that are a part of prosthetic dentistry which helps people who have lost their teeth. The process helps you regain your winning smile and youthful looks as missing teeth may cause your face to collapse; making you look aged beyond your actual years.

All on 4 dental implants in Toronto

All on 4 dental implants

dental implants toronto

Irrespective of your age, you can lose one or several of your natural teeth due to various reasons because of which you may be compelled to wear dentures or bridges. You may have to compromise on the type of food you can eat and get used to an unsightly visage every time you open your mouth. If this looks like a scary situation; then relax! all on 4 dental implants (AO4) are there to help you out of this painful situation by offering cost effective; proven solutions that are guaranteed to give you a winning smile for life.

What are all on 4 dental implants?

A missing tooth forces you to compromise on your speech, eating habits, appearance and overall quality of life. You become conscious of any obvious gap in your teeth every time you open your mouth and this affects your self-confidence. You also tend to smile less often as this can be a cause of embarrassment because of the missing tooth.

Missing teeth also leads to bone loss because of which your jaw tends to sag downwards, making you look older beyond your actual age. Your facial muscles around the cheek and jaws also sag down and appear wrinkled, adding to the misconception of old age.

AO4 dental implants are the best solution to this problem. These implant –supported bridges are permanently fixed to your jaw and act as a substitute for the natural tooth root which is missing. Gradually, the natural tissue of the adjacent jaw bone bonds with the implant and forms a stable foundation for implant of permanent artificial tooth/teeth that feel, look and function just like your natural teeth.

How does the Process Work

Anybody who is wearing dentures presently or is likely to wear them in the near future can opt for AO4 dental implants irrespective of age. Implanting the root takes approximately two and a half hours for each arch and you can get both implants done for both the arches simultaneously (to save time and money).

A temporary set of teeth is implanted on the root to allow it time to heal and set before the permanent tooth is fixed. After six to eight months, your permanent teeth will be fixed after a thorough examination by the doctor at the clinic.

All permanent teeth are manufactured in-house by certified and trained technicians who are experts in this field.

The Obvious Benefits of all on 4 dental implants

With AO4 dental implant, you can reverse your facial aging by years. When you have a set of permanent teeth that look absolutely natural, your facial muscles automatically look younger, firmer and fuller. You can smile confidently and enjoy life just the way you want.


Dentist that Adopts New Age Techniques for Dental Care

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Benefits of Going to a Dentist that Adopts New Age Techniques for Dental Care

In the last few years rapid progress has been achieved in the field of dental technology. Better solutions can be provided to deal with the inconveniences related to oral health. Modern dentistry believes in utilizing the latest boon of technology. It promises to give people more comfortable and durable experience.

New dentist techniques are certainly more natural looking and efficient.  So no one fails to extol the benefits of visiting a dentist who uses the new age techniques.

Accurate Designs of the Items Used

Designs created with the assistance of computers can smoothen out many problems easily. Technology enables you to have greater accuracy in the designs constructed. Dental restorations require delicate fabrication. It must bear resemblance to the natural teeth. Dental bridges, crowns and porcelain do not bear the artificial sheen of the past.

Accessing the jawbone and its surrounding structures was quite difficult previously.3-D imaging provides greater accuracy. Precision is needed in dental implants. Implantologists rely greatly on the use of CAT scans.

Less Invasive Alternatives

Laser dentistry has given rise to less invasive surgeries. The light energy emitted from the laser beams always gives you a painless experience. The healing period too gets shortened considerably. Patients with benign tumors have benefitted from this.

Cold sores, gummy smile and decay removal gave goose bumps to many. Laser treatment has erased many of the discomforts attached to these procedures completely. Damage blood vessels and nerves can be restored easily. People suffering from speech impediments can painlessly and effortlessly shake off their disabilities.

Shake off the Fear

Modern dentists prefer oral sedation. It is not only safe but also very effective. The fear associated with IV sedation can no longer traumatize you. Needles are not part of oral sedation. The agonizing experiences of a sedated sleep are no longer there.

Many people avoided the needful trips to the dentist. The dental chair itself was an object of fear.

Dentists use digital photography. It gives the patients an idea about how they will look after a new dental procedure. As a result of this, a large number of people are gradually showing interest about smile makeovers.

Patients can clearly state their expectations now. Cosmetic dentists rely on this facility to give patients a complete makeover.

Better Replacements

Previously people shied away from dental implants. Missing teeth can be easily replaced with better replacements. Dentists adopting the new dentist techniques can skillfully merge the implant with the original bone structure of the jaw bone. Many patients don not have to wait very long for the crown. The implants are provided to them almost immediately.

Composite resins have now become an integral part of tooth restorative surgeries. The use of gold gave patients a plastic look. The use of composite resins has brought back the natural smile for many. The function and colour of the implants resembles the original

New dentist techniques make greater use of digital X-rays. People no longer fear exposure to the harmful effects of radiation.

New Age Dental Equipment That Are Commonly Used by Dentists

Types of New Age Dental Equipment That Are Commonly Used by Dentists Now

 The field of dentistry these days not only includes the provision of happy gums and teeth, but also the quickness and accuracy with which the work is done. For this to happen, many experienced dentists have used the modern technology and incorporated certain changes in the old practices by using newer dentist equipments, among which a few have gained popularity.

Intraoral camera

Intraoral cameras are used to get quality images of the tooth and its structure. These cameras are very light in weight and are one the latest inventions in the stream of dentist equipments. This camera can be connected to the USB device for image transfers and also do not have long cables for connection. Also the time required to both activate and disconnect the camera is very minimal and software interface which is inbuilt is highly controllable and quick.

Air compressors

 The air that the dentist uses to clear your mouth is obtained through the air compressors. The compressors used these days, contain several filters to keep the air clean and dry. The dryer also reduces the risk of bacteria and oil entering into the patient’s mouth. The air compressors are also available in compact sizes and shapes to reduce the hassle of installation while maintaining the required standards.

Apex locator for root canal treatments

Root canals can be highly discomforting if the right king of apex locator device is not use. To make it easy for the dentists as well as the patients, new technology endodontic cordless hand piece which includes an in built apex locator is introduced. This dentist equipment acts as a measuring device during the root canal treatments and has nickel titanium files attached on the sides for safe mechanical enlargement.

Automatic sterilizer

Instruments like mouth mirrors, explorers, cotton pliers, perio probes, hatchet etc have to be often sterilized to maintain the mouth hygiene conditions. If used without proper sterilization the patients mouth might get infected and the problems may increase. During these times, an automatic sterilizer is the best dentist equipment which can be used.

Automatic sterilizers follow a particular cycle which has to be fixed manually. Once the cycle is fixed it completes the process effectively. Once the sterilization is finished, the machine automatically produces steam and provides efficient drying within a short span of time. This helps in preventing any unknown infections and thus is highly relied upon by the dentists.


 Dental secretions such as tooth debris, blood and water have to be evacuated from the mouth using aspirators which are particularly designed for the purpose. This vacuum suction is an essential component for all the dental procedures, treatments and surgeries. Aspirators usually include a low pressure vacuum pump, a collection container, suction tubes attached to the container and also a control valve which is required to control the pressure of the vacuum. These days’ portable or mobile dental aspirators have become very popular and can be used in dental camps with the help of batteries which makes the operation the dentist equipment convenient.

Family dentist in Oshawa

Benefits of getting your Children to Visit the Family Dentist Regularly for Check-ups

You will be surprised to know the number of body parts that are affected when there is a tooth or gum infection. Side effects can range from digestive problems to eyesight issues. Children are especially vulnerable to tooth and gum problems due to a number of reasons. Family dentists suggest introducing children to the benefits of oral care by the tender age of two.

Familiarize your kids with the dentist

It’s recommended that you inculcate the habit of visiting the dentist regularly in your toddlers. This practice is required for them to become acclimatized to the environment of the dentists’ office and to strike up a bond with your family dentist in Oshawa Ontario. If your kid is not used to visiting a dentist he/she might be afraid to visit a dental clinic later because of fear and preconceived notions of pain. But if they develop the habit of visiting the dentist from the tender age of two they will get used to the routine and never know what “fear of the dentist” really is.

Counter unhealthy food habits

Kids as a rule are in love with all kinds of junk food. You can inculcate healthy food habits at home but it’s rare to find a kid who doesn’t like sticky toffee and cola. Obviously you can imagine the reason why kids complain so frequently of tooth aches. Since there is not much you can do to change the dietary preferences of kids you can at least try taking preventive measures to ensure that their teeth are well cared for by a professional dentist who regularly inspects them.

Nip problems at the bud

Dental problems escalate badly with time. Children are not usually diligent about brushing their teeth efficiently and it’s usually a headache getting them to wash their mouth thoroughly after every meal. These conditions mean that the slightest bacterial accumulation will graduate quickly to become a full fledged toothache. Remember that the immunity and the pain tolerance threshold of a kid is usually quite low. Going for regular checkups and consulting with a good dentist in Oshawa Ontario can help you become more aware of the budding dental problems of your kids. Make sure that you explain the instructions that the dentist gives to your kid and ensure that your kid follows those instructions.

Spend quality time together

Your hectic work life and numerous social engagements probably leave you struggling to find quality time with your children. This is especially true if you are a full time working person. You could make your visits to your family dentist in Oshawa Ontario a fun event which coincides with a treat or a stint at your kids’ favorite park. You can even book back to back slots for yourself and your child so that your time is efficiently utilized. When your child sees you taking care of your teeth he/she will learn the same values and inculcate them in his/her life.

Dental prices in Toronto

Most Expensive Dental Problems
Visiting the dentist is something which people don’t like.
It is a common misconception that the dentist will harm you – drill your teeth and hurt your gums with those seemingly scary tools and you will end up not being able to have ice-cream or other favorite foods and drinks for the rest of your life.
Jokes apart, although nobody likes to visit a dentist, the ‘biting’ truth is that going to the dentist is a must.
It is primarily a precautionary measure to safeguard yourself against oral problems. If not, then you will have to deal with some of the most expensive dental problems.
The reasons leading to Dental Problems
Excessive brushing, delaying treatments due to negligence and fear of dentists, self diagnosis and involvement in home-based treatments are major reasons why most people suffer from unwanted oral issues.
Many people tend to neglect dental care considering it is of no importance.
Arguably dental treatments have become expensive today. Moderate to high dental prices in Toronto includes both temporary and permanent treatments for dental problems.
Tooth Implant
Seemingly affordable the tooth implant is actually the most common and unexpectedly costly dental procedure. For each tooth that gets implanted inside your mouth, you are going pay over $1000.
And if you’re going in for a more complex procedure, the prices are going to be even higher.
The procedure of tooth implants is done to replace a decayed tooth or the fit a missing tooth to restore the original shape and shine of your smile! The tooth implant gives support to the nearby teeth hence preventing their breakage.
Braces are also ranked amongst the most common yet expensive dental procedures. Inclusion of braces on the teeth solves the spacing and placement problem of your teeth.
The cost of this dental procedure may depend on the quality of braces you wish to get, their time period, and your age. Dental prices in Toronto for braces are quite moderate and largely depends on the kit you prefer to use.
Gum Surgery
The gum surgery is another type of costly undertaking which involves laser therapy, space reduction between teeth.
This surgery is also known as periodontal surgery. It strengthens the gums for those who wish to undergo other cosmetic treatments in the future.
Dental prices in Toronto for gum surgery may depend on the type of surgical procedure to be performed.
Not necessary the most costly, but bleaching still makes a cut on the list. You could obviously procure the teeth bleaching kits from medical stores, however, the results are not going to be as good or long lasting.
While in the markets, a bleaching kit will cost you around $20 to $25, however if you get it done professionally, the price will hover between $500 – $600.

Our new Dental office Oshawa is ready to roll.

Benefits of Regular Dental Check Ups

Most people don’t like going to the dentist mainly because of the discomfort and pain caused by the dentist probing your dentures and also because dentists are quite expensive. But visiting the dentist has several advantages and in the long run these visits can save you some money!


Of course the main and primary reason for visiting a dentist is dental disease. Usually you would only visit a dentists office if you have a toothache or discomfort when biting your food. By the time we feel any discomfort or pain, the cavities have already formed.

The problem can be detected and the decay stemmed much earlier. So why wait for the problem to occur? Having your teeth checked regularly at a dentist office in Toronto can save you the pain and expense of having cavities filled.

General Health

Prevention is better than care! Doctors proclaim that any disease begins in the mouth. Eating healthy will keep the body healthy. This is not just about what you eat. It is also about how you eat.

If you have healthy teeth, you can masticate your food and digest it better, avoiding diseases of the digestive system or any other organ which may be indirectly affected.

When a disease presents itself in the form of symptoms, it has already progressed to a higher level than when it started. If you don’t want to fall sick, start by preventing diseases. Keep your teeth clean, healthy and strong.

Care for your Family

Your illness affects not just you but all members of your family. If you are unwell, your being laid up can disrupt the routine of everyone else because they have to take on the extra burden of doing your share of the chores and also caring for you. So keep yourself healthy by keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Regular Hygiene

We all maintain a regular routine for our hygiene. We wash our hands often, bathe twice a day, keep our surroundings clean and germ free so why not our teeth? Cleaning your teeth at home is fine.

But you must visit a dentist office in Toronto to be sure that there are not germs breeding in your gums! Germs take about 3 to 4 months to colonize. By the time they are mature enough to destroy, you are already in pain!

Avoid Cancer

Having your teeth checked regularly by a dentist can help detect some cancers at a very early stage and timely treatment of cancer can save your life. More than 300000 cases of oral cancer are detected every year all over the world.

Look and Smell Good

Visiting your dentist regularly will keep your teeth looking white and bright. Flash your winning smile and create an impression wherever you go. Clean, well maintained teeth add loads to your beauty. You will never repel anyone with your bad breadth.

This can give you a lot of confidence because you are not worrying about how you look or smell.

Immediate Loading of Dental Implants in Toronto

A Guide to Immediate Loading of Dental Implants
A conventional dental implant requires a series of dental appointments for the patient. In addition, the treatment may take a greater part of a year. Immediate loading dental implants make use of a procedure that does away with the need for an extended course of treatment. An individual making use of the procedure may enjoy the benefits of enhanced teeth function and appearance after a couple of dental appointments.

Details of the Treatment
A dental surgeon makes use of advanced technology to install immediate loading dental implants or same day implants after a tooth extraction process. The term “immediate loading implant” implies that the implants are ready for the load or the artificial teeth, almost directly after the insertion of the implants.
These structures are small, tough and made of titanium. The surgeon places them directly into the jawbone of the patient and covers the implants with rubber rings. The course of action takes a day. The implants require some time to heal.
The surgeon places a temporary crown in the gaps. The healing process takes a day or two after which the dental surgeon secures artificial or prosthetic teeth of ceramic onto the rubber rings. The entire procedure takes three to four days with two appointments with the surgeon.

Immediate Loading Dental Implants Toronto

Benefits Afforded by the Procedure
Immediate loading dental implants offer significant benefits over conventional implants. A dental surgeon may insert the implant immediately after the extraction of the tooth. The method of insertion of the implants does not require the gum tissues to heal after the extraction. Insertion of an implant takes a single day and involves a single surgical procedure.
On the other hand, dental surgeons need to conduct two surgeries for placing a regular implant. An individual opting for the immediate loading implants faces less discomfort.
Dental implants of the immediate loading variety are such that they are ready for the artificial teeth within a day or two. A patient does not face the inconvenience of a long wait for the teeth. Conventional implants necessitate a prolonged waiting period until they are ready for the prosthetic teeth. Additionally, it is necessary for the patient with conventional implants to schedule a visit to the dental surgeon three months later for a post implant check-up.

Suitability for the Implants
An individual ought to consider several issues before deciding on instituting immediate load dental implants. It is advisable to visit a reputed dental surgeon for the procedure. A dental surgeon takes X-ray pictures of the jawbones to judge the feasibility of the process. The patient should have sufficient bone for placing the dental implants.
The surgeon should confirm that there is no infection in the immediate area of the extraction site. In general, a patient is ready for the implant right after the extraction procedure. However, if a patient suffers from exceptional bleeding after his tooth extraction, the surgeon should wait for a few days for the gums to heal. It is important that the patient should be fit and healthy in all respects at the time of the procedure.

Mini Dental Implants Toronto

A Guide to Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are an effective, inexpensive dental implant that gives your denture the kind of support that you had always wanted. These are much smaller in size than normal dental implants and of course, a more affordable way to fix the problem of loose lower dentures. Mini dental implants don’t entail any incision of your gums and can generally be completed within a span of two hours.

The mini dental implant procedure
Trust a good dentist to use his professional skills to slot in the small diameter of mini dental implants into your jawbone. The implants will now jut out from your gum tissue that can be used to hold your dentures firmly together. A rubber O-ring attached to metal housings would be placed at the bottom of the dentures, consequently.
When these dentures are placed upon the mini dental implants, the O-ring will snap over the rounded top of the mini implants and fix them gently but firmly over your gum tissue. If your dentist is efficient, this whole procedure can be completed within a couple of hours.

Mini Dental Implants Toronto

Post installation care
Installing mini dental implants is a fairly painless procedure, at least much less than full dental implants. In all probability, you can stop taking any kind of painkillers within a day after the implants are planted. Although it is best to follow a diet of soft food for the first 2 to 3 days, you can resume your normal diet after that without any problem.

Size- Since the mini dental implants are much smaller in size, bone grafting is not required in order to insert them. This means less pain and also less time.
Cost- Mini dental implants are much more cost effective than normal implants. In fact these implants cost almost their half. This is particularly helpful in case of senior citizens who need their dentures to be fixed at a minimal cost.
Installation time- As already mentioned earlier, installing mini implants generally takes 2 hours. This means only one visit is enough to do complete the entire anchoring process that generally takes many visits if done with normal dental implants.
Healing time- Since using mini dental implants means much smaller holes on your gum, you are likely to be healed within a couple of days. It doesn’t involve bone grafting. So the soft gum tissues remain largely unwounded.
Less discomfort- Less time, less pain and quick healing can have only one logical consequence— less discomfort. Mini dental implants are kinder to your gums. So you will be able to return to your normal diet much sooner than you can imagine.
Less complications- Mini dental implants failures are hard to find. Maybe this is due to the fact that a lot of research has gone into the development of these minute dental tools. Since it is totally safe and biocompatible, the FDA approves of this method as an improved version of normal dental implants.
If you are thinking about fixing dentures, there is no better option than mini dental implants. They are easy to insert and gives greater durability than any other adhesive methods.