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Straighten your teeth without the need for metal braces

It used to be that teenagers and adults who had crooked teeth had to endure the humiliation of wearing metal braces in order to straighten their pearly whites. This was often seen as a rite of passage for teens, although a difficult one that made it awkward and uncomfortable for boys and girls going through puberty. But now, advances in modern dentistry mean that people no longer have to wear unsightly metal braces to fix crooked teeth.

Called Invisalign the new dental procedure is essentially “invisible braces.” The Invisalign process uses a series of clear, plastic and removable “aligners” to gently and gradually straighten teeth and ensure they are properly positioned in the mouth. This is a safe, effective and gentle way to fix the persistent problem of crooked teeth. Gone are the days of dentists tightening or winding braces tighter and tighter. Best of all, the Invisalign system is clear and undetectable in a person’s mouth. Family and friends will not be able to tell that a person is wearing the teeth aligners.

Invisible braces

People who fear having braces because they will be uncomfortable or ugly need fear no more. Invisalign offers a positive alternative to traditional metal braces – one that straightens teeth while allowing people to retain their dignity and appearance. Patients at Bal Dental Inc. in Scarborough, Ontario are encouraged to ask questions and talk to the dentists on staff about the benefits of the Invisalign system and how it can keep their teeth straight and healthy. The staff at Bal Dental are happy to show clients the Invisalign procedure used in their dental office. New customers are welcome and consultations are free.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign should be your number one choice if you are looking for an orthodontic treatment that fits your lifestyle, enhances your looks and works best for your appearance. This unique procedure uses a series of easily removable and transparent teeth aligners that are the best alternative to traditional braces used for correcting uneven teeth.

Using Transparent Teeth Aligners

Uneven setting of teeth is a common problem that affects millions worldwide. Although minor unevenness does not cause much physical discomfort, it can certainly make you look unattractive while smiling or talking. Yes, you can feel shy and low in confidence when you are aware of the fact that you have a set of unsightly, jagged teeth. In more severe cases, uneven teeth can cause difficulty in chewing. However, when selecting an option for treating uneven teeth, just using regular braces won't do. Only Invisalign offers you the advantage of wearing transparent aligners so that you can interact with people confidently without being painfully aware of those ugly metal braces.

Why Opt for Invisalign

The foremost reason for using transparent teeth aligners is of course aesthetic i.e. for enhancing your looks and smile. Who likes to wear those hideous metallic wires and brackets that screams out to the world the fact that you are wearing braces? Orthodontic treatments should offer the option of privacy and the entire world should only be allowed to see your perfect teeth and lovely smile. Only transparent aligners offer you this luxury as these are extremely difficult to detect.

Total Comfort

Another common complaint associated with traditional braces is that of extreme discomfort. As the braces dig into your gum it can gradually lead to sores and injuries. Moreover, you cannot enjoy all types of food freely especially hard food such as candies, nuts, corn on the cob, hard bread etc that can lead to further pain each time you bite. However, transparent aligners can be removed easily while eating and these are also made of soft materials that do not dig hard and deep into your gums. There are no jagged wires and metal ends and all you feel is soft and smooth plastic material that causes no discomfort.

Complete Periodontal Care

Another huge disadvantage of using braces is that these cannot be removed once installed till your treatment is over. This means you cannot brush, clean or floss your mouth the way you want. Gradually, this will lead to the accumulation of plaque resulting in tooth decay or teeth discoloration. However, transparent; plastic teeth aligners can be removed anywhere and anytime you want with no hassles whatsoever. You just put them on after cleaning them and your teeth for maximum periodontal hygiene.

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