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Importance of Following up on Post Dental Procedures
Many patients treat dental and medical processes as one time sporadic incidents which they can quickly forget about once it has happened. Regular follow up processes helps the dentist care for the patient properly. It s often observed that patients who perform regular follow up activities have far better dental health than patients who treat dental therapy as a discrete event. Here are some reasons why you should go for regular follow up checkups.
Cases which require close follow up
Patients who have suffered from dental infections in the past more than two times are said to be at increased dental risk. Such patients need to take close care of their dental health by going for regular follow ups. Similarly people who have undergone a surgical process like tooth extraction, pre-prosthetic surgical process, periodontal treatment and implant placement processes are in line for close post dental appointments procedures. Apart from these categories of patients everybody who has suffered or is suffering from a dental issue should go for regular follow ups because of the following reasons.
Stay safe
The basic purpose of most dental processes is to ensure that there are adequate safety measures taken to care of all post operative precautions. The dentist would like to see you within a couple of weeks of your procedure to judge whether you have responded well to the treatment. He/she will quiz you about your worries, concerns etc regarding the dental procedure you have undergone. If you have undergone a dental implant the dentist will need to make sure that there is no inflammation or irritation in the tissue near the implanted area. The correct thing to do is to strictly follow post dental appointments procedures and take a follow up appointment in first two weeks after your dental treatment process. If the dentist finds nothing wrong then he will ask you to come for post follow ups only after an interval of 6 months.
Avoid taking health risks
Studies have shown startling links between dental problems and serious health issues including nerve and heart diseases. Dental problems can wreck havoc on your general health and badly affect your respiratory, cardio vascular and digestive system. There are a lot of restrictions on a person suffering from dental inflammation and acute caries. If you are suffering from severe tooth problems then you can respond negatively to a lot of medications. If you are pregnant then your dental issues will have a negative impact on the fetus. Expert dentists confirm that people who follow up with due diligence are 80% less likely to suffer from periodontal and gum problems.
Get the best possible service
The relationship between you and your dentist should be one of mutual trust and understanding. If you follow his instructions on post dental appointment procedure he will be able to treat you to the best of his abilities and ensure that your dental health remains in good condition. Following the advice and instruction of dentists will help you in getting better service.


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