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Advanced Dental Implant Procedures – Scarborough, ON

Preparing Your Smile for Long-Term Success

Replacing teeth with dental implants is a precise process. In order for it to succeed, it is vital that a patient’s bone structure is able to provide a strong base of support for the implants and their restorations. At Bal Dental Centre, we fully understand the intricacies of dental implants, and we are able to perform all stages of the treatment process, including advanced procedures that prepare a patient’s bones to accept dental implants. On this page, we explain what those advanced procedures are and how they work.

Bone Graft

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The human body is very efficient. If a part of it is not being used, it may lose some of its structure and strength so those raw materials can be used elsewhere. The jaw is no exception to that rule, which is why it tends to become smaller and weaker when it does not have a full set of teeth to support. If you have already lost a significant amount of bone in your jaw due to tooth loss, you may need a bone graft in Scarborough before you are eligible to receive dental implants.

During the grafting procedure, we make an incision in the gums, after which we insert the grafting material (which may be bone from another part of your body, donor bone, or artificial bone material). After the graft is in place, we close the incision. Your body will bond with the grafting material, resulting in a stronger, denser jawbone.

Sinus Lift

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A sinus lift in Scarborough is a particular type of bone graft. It builds up the upper jaw in the area of the molars and premolars, just below the sinus cavity. It also involves lifting the sinus membrane (hence, the name of the procedure). A sinus lift is often necessary if bone loss had occurred in the upper jaw, or if the sinus cavity has enlarged to the point where it might be ruptured if a dental implant were placed below it.

During the procedure, we make in an incision in the gums and create a small hole in the bone in order to expose the sinus membrane. After we gently push the membrane up, we pack the bone with a grafting material. After you completely heal from the sinus lift surgery (which usually takes 4 – 9 months), you may be able to receive a dental implant in Scarborough.