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Dental Implants Scarborough

October 20, 2016

Scarborough Dental Implants

A Guide to Immediate Loading of Dental Implants
A conventional dental implant requires a series of dental appointments for the patient. In addition, the treatment may take a greater part of a year. Immediate loading dental implants make use of a procedure that does away with the need for an extended course of treatment. An individual making use of the procedure may enjoy the benefits of enhanced teeth function and appearance after a couple of dental appointments.

Scarborough Dental Implant

Details of the Treatment
A dental surgeon makes use of advanced technology to install immediate loading dental implants or same day implants after a tooth extraction process. The term “immediate loading implant” implies that the implants are ready for the load or the artificial teeth, almost directly after the insertion of the implants.
These structures are small, tough and made of titanium. The surgeon places them directly into the jawbone of the patient and covers the implants with rubber rings. The course of action takes a day. The implants require some time to heal.
The surgeon places a temporary crown in the gaps. The healing process takes a day or two after which the dental surgeon secures artificial or prosthetic teeth of ceramic onto the rubber rings. The entire procedure takes three to four days with two appointments with the surgeon.

Immediate Loading Dental Implants Toronto

Benefits Afforded by the Procedure
Immediate loading dental implants offer significant benefits over conventional implants. A dental surgeon may insert the implant immediately after the extraction of the tooth. The method of insertion of the implants does not require the gum tissues to heal after the extraction. Insertion of an implant takes a single day and involves a single surgical procedure.
On the other hand, dental surgeons need to conduct two surgeries for placing a regular implant. An individual opting for the immediate loading implants faces less discomfort.
Dental implants of the immediate loading variety are such that they are ready for the artificial teeth within a day or two. A patient does not face the inconvenience of a long wait for the teeth. Conventional implants necessitate a prolonged waiting period until they are ready for the prosthetic teeth. Additionally, it is necessary for the patient with conventional implants to schedule a visit to the dental surgeon three months later for a post implant check-up.

Suitability for Implants
An individual ought to consider several issues before deciding on instituting immediate load dental implants. It is advisable to visit a reputed dental surgeon for the procedure. A dental surgeon takes X-ray pictures of the jawbones to judge the feasibility of the process. The patient should have sufficient bone for placing the dental implants.
The surgeon should confirm that there is no infection in the immediate area of the extraction site. In general, a patient is ready for the implant right after the extraction procedure. However, if a patient suffers from exceptional bleeding after his tooth extraction, the surgeon should wait for a few days for the gums to heal. It is important that the patient should be fit and healthy in all respects at the time of the procedure.

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