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Dental Implants in Scarborough: The Best Solution to Missing Teeth

February 5, 2018

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An illustration of dental implants.If you’ve had missing teeth for an extended period, you’ll want to keep reading. According to your dentist, missing teeth can put you at a higher risk of gum disease and other dental problems. Periodontal or gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss among adults, so making the effort to talk to your dentist about dental implants in Scarborough can mean the difference between your current smile and even more missing teeth!

Dental implants are not only used for aesthetic purposes though. They are just as much designed to be functioning as they are aesthetically pleasing.

What are Dental Implants?

When you’re missing a tooth, it’s not just the visible crown that goes missing; it’s the entire tooth root as well. A dental implant is meant to replace the tooth root, acting as a prosthetic. This prosthetic binds itself to your jawbone through a process known as osseointegration, keeping it firmly in place.

The other parts of the dental implant include the abutment and the crown. The abutment is a screw that connects the dental crown to the implant and the crown sits on top of the implant, acting as your new, natural tooth. Compared to other replacement options, dental implants in Scarborough truly stand out.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants Compared to other Methods?

Dental implants are the only tooth-replacement method that restores functionality to the underlying parts of the tooth as well as the visual aspects. Once the implant integrates with bone, it stimulates bone growth and prevents your jawbone from shrinking. It also allows blood flow back to the jaw, keeping the muscle in the jaw strong and the facial tissue taut.

A common side effect of missing teeth is sagging skin, hollow cheeks, and a sunken appearance. It’s also common for teeth to start shifting into empty spaces in the mouth to compensate for the extra space. Dental implants are the most effective solution to these problems compared to other methods, such as dentures or bridges.

How Long Will My Dental Implants Last?

With proper at-home oral care, dental implants can last a lifetime. However, it’s typical for dental implants to last several decades. The time it lasts can be better determined by your dentist in Scarborough who’s trained in implant dentistry. Since dental implants are durable, strong, and have a very high success rate (between 95 and 98 percent), it’s unlikely that you’ll need it replaced.

To take care of your dental implant, brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste. Be sure to floss at least once a day as well to remove plaque and food debris from the sides of teeth. Finally, make a habit of getting to your dental office in Scarborough every 6 months so your dentist can examine your implant’s progress.

Why wait to have a new smile? You can visit your dental office in Scarborough today! Schedule appointment to determine your eligibility for dental implants.

About the Author

Dr. Gus Bal earned his dental degree from Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine followed by a fellowship in Implant Dentistry at New York University. He continues to expand his knowledge on many forms of dentistry and was even voted as “Best Dentist in Scarborough” by the Reader’s Choice Awards for four consecutive years thanks to his efforts. To learn more about his practice and dental implants in Scarborough, contact him at +1 416-267-6789 or visit his website.

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