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Do You Have Diabetes? It Could be Impacting Your Oral Health

November 6, 2019

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diabetes diagnosis sheetThis November is National Diabetes Month, which means that there’s no better time to learn how your health condition impacts your entire body, including your teeth and gums. People that have diabetes, especially if it’s not controlled or being treated, have a higher risk of developing serious oral health problems that can cause permanent damage to their mouth. Read on to learn how your dentist in Scarborough can help keep your diabetes from harming your mouth with routine preventive care.

What Puts People with Diabetes at a Higher Risk of Developing Oral Health Problems?

The primary connection between people who have diabetes and oral health problems like gum disease is high blood sugar. If it’s not being properly regulated, oral health problems are more likely to form. The body’s first line of defense against bacterial infections, even in the mouth, are white blood cells. Uncontrolled diabetes makes it difficult for your body to fight off bacterial accumulation because it weakens white blood cells, resulting in problems associated with gum disease, also known as periodontitis.

Many clinical studies have shown that people who have their blood sugar levels under control are at a significantly lower risk of experiencing complications and additional health issues in other parts of their body. So, by treating your diabetes, you’ll be preventing more severe and additional issues from developing down the road.

What Oral Issues are Connected to Diabetes?

People who have diabetes are at a higher risk of developing some of the following oral health problems and symptoms:

  • Dry mouth and ulcers.
  • Gum inflammation and bacterial infection.
  • Reduced blood flow that slows down oral healing.
  • Thrush, which is an oral bacterial infection.
  • Burning mouth caused by thrush.

If you commonly experience these oral issues, be sure to visit your emergency dentist in Scarborough. Without timely treatment, conditions like gum disease can quickly progress and cause permanent oral damage such as tooth loss and gum recession.

How Can People with Diabetes Protect Their Mouth?

The best way to protect your mouth is to be proactive and schedule your routine cleaning and dental checkup in Scarborough every six months. With regular preventive care, your dentist will be able to keep small problems from turning into more serious issues down the road. Also, be sure to develop a thorough oral hygiene routine, such as:

  • Maintaining a nutritious diet.
  • Brushing twice each day with a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste.
  • Flossing between your teeth every day.
  • Rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash regularly.

By being diligent about maintaining your oral health at home and visiting your dentist for regular professional care, you’ll be able to keep any small issues from spiraling out of control due to your blood sugar levels. After all, the last thing you would want to have to deal with on top of regulating your diabetes is dealing with oral health problems.

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