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Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month with These 4 Tips

February 3, 2020

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little boy seeing a children’s dentist in Scarborough

Did you know that February isn’t all about flowers and chocolates? It’s also National Children’s Dental Health Month. This holiday was created by the American Dental Association as an opportunity to teach children and their parents about the best ways to implement good oral hygiene habits into kids’ lives. Since getting your child to properly clean their teeth can be difficult at times, here are four tips from a children’s dentist in Scarborough to make it a little bit easier.

1. Reward Their Progress

Kids love stickers. You can use this to your advantage by buying a chart or calendar and placing a sticker on it for every day that your child remembers to clean their teeth all by themselves. When the entire chart or calendar page is full of stickers, treat your little one. Maybe let them pick out the next fun family activity. Just be sure that activity doesn’t involve lots of sugar!

2. Involve Them in the Buying Process

The next time you go to the store, let your child tag along. Take a detour through the dental section and allow them to pick out a brand-new toothbrush featuring their favorite color or cartoon character. Let them select a flavored floss and toothpaste too. Your child is more likely to brush and floss if they had some say in the purchasing process.

3. Take Them to See Their Dentist

Ideally, your child should be seeing their dentist for kids in Scarborough at least once every six months. The younger you start taking your son or daughter to the dentist, the more comfortable they will be seeking dental care on their own when they get older. At these appointments, the dentist will examine your child’s mouth for early signs of cavities, as well as advise you on ways you can take care of their oral health. Then, the dental hygienist will make your little one’s teeth practically shine. They can even apply a topical fluoride treatment to help prevent cavities before they start.

4. Set a Good Example

Little kids naturally love to copy what their parents do. If you brush and floss at the same time every morning and evening, your child will follow suit. Demonstrate the proper technique every day, and they will absorb the knowledge that cleaning their teeth is an important daily habit.

Getting your little one to take care of their teeth may sometimes seem like an uphill battle, but with any luck, these tips might make it a little easier.

About the Author

Dr. Gus Bal is a dentist in Scarborough, ON who is more than happy to treat little smiles. For each patient he creates a personalized treatment plan to meet their unique dental needs. He genuinely enjoys changing patients’ lives for the better through comprehensive care, including instilling proper oral hygiene habits in kids. To learn more about how to take care of your child’s teeth, visit Dr. Bal’s website.

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