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6 Reasons to Give the Gift of a Beautiful Smile This Holiday Season

December 2, 2020

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smiling woman wearing a Santa hat and white sweater

We all have that friend or family member for whom it’s nearly impossible to find the right holiday gift. Maybe they already have all the latest gadgets, or they’re just a picky person. Whatever the reason, it can make holiday shopping a bit tricky. This year, why not prevent this frustration by gifting them with their dream smile? Cosmetic dentistry truly is the gift that keeps on giving in the form of a gorgeous grin every single day. Continue reading as a cosmetic dentist in Scarborough discusses six reasons makes the perfect holiday gift for your loved one.

1. It Will Never Go Out of Style

Even the latest clothing trends will eventually fall out of fashion, and the newest technological doodad will be rendered obsolete once the next model is revealed. A beautiful smile, on the other hand, is always in style. Plus, it will match every outfit!

2. Batteries Not Included (or Required!)

We’ve all unwrapped a cool new tech device only to find that it didn’t come with the batteries it needed. By contrast, a brighter smile doesn’t need any additional accessories, and it won’t suddenly give out on you.

3. It Bolsters Self-Esteem

Does your friend or family member smile with their mouth closed in photographs? Help them be proud to show off their pearly whites by giving them the gift of a confident smile.

4. They’ll Appreciate Your Thoughtfulness Whenever They Look in the Mirror

Unlike many holiday gifts, you can’t place a smile on a shelf and leave it to gather dust. Who would want to, anyway? Just imagine how happy and grateful your loved one will be every time they catch a glimpse of their smile’s reflection. You’ll almost definitely earn bragging rights as that year’s best gift-giver!

5. It Can Improve Career Success

A person’s smile is often the first thing that others notice about them. If your loved one has a bright smile, they’re sure to make a great first impression during their next job interview. But even if they’re happy with their current job, a smile makeover can boost their confidence, which translates to improved career success. They’ll have the confidence to ask for a raise or promotion, deliver an impressive presentation, or close on a major sale.

6. Oral & Overall Health Can Benefit

Research shows that people who smile more often are generally happier. The act of physically smiling triggers the release of feel-good chemicals, like serotonin and dopamine, in the brain. Additionally, if someone is proud of their smile, they’re more likely to take good care of it through regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups.

Instead of giving your loved one a typical present, give them a gift they’ll never forget by taking them to see a cosmetic dentist in Scarborough. Their smile will stay merry and bright through the holiday season and beyond!

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All of our doctors at Bal Dental Centre are passionate professionals who love to give each of their patients the smile they’ve always dreamed of. With years of experience in the cosmetic dental industry, their knowledge and expertise can help you understand which smile-transforming option will best fit your loved one’s specific needs. To learn more about giving a gift that keeps on giving, contact us online or call 416-267-6789.

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