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Surprisingly Effective Home Remedies for Toothaches

September 8, 2021

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clove oil on wooden table

If you’ve ever had a toothache, then you understand just how bothersome they can be. You may feel it in several ways, such as while eating or drinking or when lying down. The pain can be mild or severe and feel “sharp” or start suddenly. Either way, no amount of pain is considered normal, so you should always seek treatment as soon as possible. The longer you ignore it, the worse it will get. While waiting for your emergency dental appointment, try these surprisingly effective home remedies for temporary toothache relief.

Clove Oil

Cloves are a traditional remedy that has been used to treat toothaches throughout history. The spice contains eugenol, a natural anesthetic that helps numb the nerves and reduce inflammation. To use this approach, pour two drops of clove oil on a cotton ball and apply it to the aching tooth until the pain recedes. You can repeat this technique a few times a day as needed. However, be careful when using clove oil – pouring too much on the aching area can worsen the pain.

Ginger-Cayenne Paste

Ginger and cayenne are both potent painkillers. Cayenne, in particular, contains capsaicin, a chemical component that helps prevent pain messages from reaching the brain. To use this method, mix equal parts of both spices with enough water to make a paste. Then, saturate a cotton ball with it and apply it to your tooth. Leave it until the pain recedes or until you can no longer stand the burn!

Peppermint Tea Bags

Peppermint tea is certainly tasty, but did you know it can also help with toothaches? The teabags can help numb pain and soothe sensitive gums. If you want to use this method, apply a warm teabag to the tooth in question to alleviate discomfort. Or, if you’d rather try it cold, freeze a used tea bag for a couple of minutes and apply the chilled bag to the affected area.


Garlic has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Aside from having antibacterial properties, it can also act as a natural pain reliever! Do you want to give it a shot? Crush a garlic clove to create a paste and apply it to the affected area. You can also slowly chew a clove of fresh garlic if you’d prefer that instead!

Vanilla Extract

Since vanilla extract contains alcohol, it can help numb the pain from a toothache. It also contains antioxidant properties that make it an effective healer. To use this approach, put a small amount of vanilla extract onto your finger or a cotton ball and apply it directly to the aching tooth. You can repeat a few times per day if needed. Just be sure to use real vanilla – not the imitation version.

As soon as you feel a toothache coming on, schedule a dentist appointment as soon as possible. In the meantime, try the tips outlined above for some short-term pain relief!

About the Author

Dr. Gus Bal earned his degree from the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. He is passionate about delivering exceptional dental care by actively listening to his patient’s oral health concerns and smile goals. Dr. Bal and his team understand a dental emergency can happen out of nowhere, which is why we offer same-day emergency appointments. If you have a toothache, he can provide you with the prompt relief you deserve. Visit our website or call (416) 267-6789 to schedule an emergency appointment with Dr. Bal.

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