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4 Holiday Foods You Should Avoid with Dentures

October 7, 2022

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A pair of dentures biting a candy cane

It’s October now, meaning Thanksgiving will be here in just a few days! Some of you may already be preparing for the upcoming day of feasting. That said, you’ll need to be careful of what you eat if you have dentures. Holiday foods are often tasty, but you shouldn’t let them ruin your false teeth. That said, you’ll want to avoid those items that could damage your restorations. Luckily, your Scarborough dentist is here to help. Read on to learn four Thanksgiving foods you should avoid with dentures.


Like our American counterparts, many of us eat turkey during Thanksgiving. However, this meat can be challenging if you’re a denture wearer.

You see, turkey often comes out tough and chewy unless cooked just right. As such, your dentures may not be able to chew it well enough to swallow. For that reason, you’d likely be better off with softer and more succulent cuts of meat. Tough ones like turkey, meanwhile, are better left alone.

Corn on the Cob

Many of us like to have corn for Thanksgiving dinner, especially when it’s served on the cob with lashings of butter.

Unfortunately, though, this food isn’t great for dentures. It can be tricky and troublesome, even though the corn isn’t too hard. Consequently, it greatly strains dentures.

The main issue is that you eat corn with your front teeth, which are thinner and more vulnerable. Thus, you may gnaw into it like a rabbit, which means the two teeth are doing all the work.

Crunchy Fruits & Veggies

With little exception, crunchy fruits and vegetables don’t work well with dentures. Items like carrots, apples, celery, or pears have a lot of bite that your false teeth can’t handle. Honestly, you probably couldn’t chew these foods in raw form.

If you insist on having said products, try to puree them first. You could also opt for alternatives like pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes.

Candy Canes

While Christmas is still a ways away, some families like to bring out candy canes around Thanksgiving. Still, you might want to forego this sweet treat if you have dentures. Biting into them could damage your prosthetic.

The same applies even if your denture is a partial one. Candy canes create a sugary film that gets onto teeth, which can then erode your enamel.

In the end, you should avoid the above foods when you have dentures. If you have further questions, contact your local dental practice.

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