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3 Freedoms You’ll Definitely Enjoy with Invisalign

May 4, 2023

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a closeup of a patient holding an Invisalign aligner

Invisalign has taken the world of modern dentistry by storm! These incredible aligners can completely transform and reshape your smile without the hassle or awkwardness of traditional metal braces. This is why more people than ever before are turning toward Invisalign to meet their smile goals—but better yet, the aligners also allow patients to enjoy an impressive amount of freedom and flexibility throughout their treatment process. Here are three unique freedoms that are exclusive to Invisalign.

1. You Can Eat as You Please

One of the most notable differences that patients undergoing any type of orthodontic treatment must become accustomed to is altering their diet and eating habits. When it comes to Invisalign, it’s crucial that patients remove their aligners whenever they plan to eat anything, since the aligners are not designed to withstand the forces exerted when biting and chewing. However, once the aligners have been removed, patients are free to enjoy virtually any foods—which is an advantage that patients with metal braces do not have access to. This dietary freedom is a huge draw for potential Invisalign candidates!

2. You Won’t Have to Deal with As Much Discomfort

Invisalign aligners and metal braces essentially do the same thing; they apply gentle, guided pressure over time to slowly realign teeth into a straighter and healthier position. With both treatments, it’s not uncommon for patients to experience discomfort and pressure from time to time—this indicates that the treatment is working, after all! However, with Invisalign, the uneasiness tends to be less noticeable as you become accustomed to wearing the aligners; plus, you won’t have to deal with any poking or prodding wires or bulky brackets, as the aligners are made of smooth plastic and customized to comfortably fit inside your mouth. That’s not to say that Invisalign is entirely without discomfort, though—when you swap to a new set of aligners, it’s normal to feel minor tenderness.  

3. You Can Freely Socialize Without Awkwardness

Metal braces can impact the way you talk and socialize—not only does it become difficult to enunciate certain sounds, but you might also feel a little shy or embarrassed about all of the hardware inside your mouth. But with Invisalign, you won’t feel the need to hide your smile, since the trays are virtually invisible while being worn! The aligners also won’t impede your speech capabilities nearly as much as metal braces will, meaning that you’ll be able to freely socialize with ease and won’t have any reservations about showing off your smile as it’s being transformed.

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