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Dental Care Services – Bal Dental Centre

July 30, 2017

Preventive Dental Care Services

Best Scarborough Dental Services

Helps you to keep your teeth and oral health in great shape.

-Regular exams

-Oral cancer screening

-Professional cleanings





Tooth Aches And Dental Emergencies in Scarborough

June 30, 2017

Tooth pain can have quite an effect on a persons well-being and state of mind. The common cause of such a pain is typically an exposed nerve or root. An infection caused by gum disease, or tooth decay are sources for the exposure. In certain instances the pain may originate from areas other than those associated with the teeth.

Dental Examination


Prevent tooth damage with a night guard!

March 2, 2017



Did you know that years of grinding your teeth can lead to tooth decay and damage to your jaw? You may not even realize you’re guilty of this bad habit when you’re asleep, but it can cause serious damage to your oral health.

Can Bruxism Change The Shape Of Your Face?

February 24, 2017

Yes! You read that correctly.

Okay, let me explain. Like every area of your body, your face is lined by muscles, including the muscles that support and line your jaw. Specifically, the masseters are muscles in the face that are important in opening your jaw. If you exercise or over-work them, they will change in size and shape, just like if you work out your biceps.

Night Guard By Bal Dental Centre

Night Guard By Bal Dental Centre