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Scarborough Cosmetic Dentist: Your Dream Smile, Realized

Lady with stunning smile Everyone would love to have that perfectly white, broad grin, but nature doesn’t tend to be very generous giving them out. If you’ve always wanted to have the kind of flawless smile that you see in the movies and on TV, now you can do exactly what your favorite stars did: visit a cosmetic dentist. With our array of cosmetic treatments, Dr. Bal and our team can eliminate any imperfections you have and give you a smile that truly catches everyone’s eye. Ready for whiter teeth? Want to get rid of gaps or chips? If so, read on below, or you can contact us today for an appointment.

Porcelain Veneers

Happy woman with flawless smile

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available today, and it’s no mystery why. They are able to correct a variety of aesthetic flaws with just one simple procedure, and whether you’re looking for a minor touch-up or a complete makeover, they can deliver it.

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Young woman with picture-perfect smile

Lumineers provide all of the same benefits of porcelain veneers, but with one key difference: they don’t require any of your teeth to be modified. Because of this, the treatment can be applied faster, and should you change your mind, they are easy to remove. Lumineers are thin as contact lenses and give natural looking smile.

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Snap-On Smile

Lady smiling with shockingly white teeth

If you’re looking to enhance your smile’s appearance in the quickest, least invasive, and most affordable way possible, Snap-On Smile is the treatment for you. This row of perfectly white and aligned teeth will fit comfortably over your existing teeth to create a smile you’re always eager to show off. It’s just that simple. Snap-on and go. You can take it out whenever you need to eat or brush your teeth so you won’t have to alter any of your daily habits.

Dental Bonding

Man with spectacles smiling jovially

If small chips, cracks, or gaps are a big problem for your smile, then we have a fast and easy treatment that can take care of them in as little as an hour. With this procedure, Dr. Bal will apply a tooth-colored composite resin to your tooth and use it to literally sculpt away any imperfections. With it, he can improve the shape, size, alignment, and even color of your tooth, and it can all be done in a single appointment!

Teeth Whitening

Closeup of smile half before and half after teeth whitening

Has your love of coffee, wine, tobacco, or aging and genetics drastically discolored your smile? Many everyday factors can make your teeth turn just about any color other than white, but with Zoom! Teeth Whitening, we can help you bring back their original shine in just an hour. For this treatment, a powerful bleaching gel is combined with a specialized UV light to help it break up even the most stubborn stains. With it, we can make your teeth appear up to 8 shades whiter in as little as 45 minutes!

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Gum Recontouring

Closeup of smile with dental mirror next to it

Do your teeth appear to be too small or short for your face? Would you say that you have a “gummy” smile? If so, Dr. Bal can help you achieve that perfectly proportioned look in as little as one appointment. Using a highly-precise soft tissue laser, he can painlessly remove excess gum tissue to reveal previously hidden dental structure underneath, giving you a nice, balanced smile.

Orthodontic Braces & Invisalign®

Woman placing an Invisalign tray

A perfectly straight set of teeth doesn’t just look better, it’s also much easier to keep clean! Whether you or your child are looking to straighten your smile, we have a multitude of treatment options that are suited for patients of all ages. For children, we have durable, affordable, and reliable orthodontic braces, and for adults, sleek, subtle, and discreet Invisalign.

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