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Scarborough Root Canal Therapy: Dental Pain, Relieved

Woman wincing in pain Your teeth actually have multiple layers, and you’re probably very familiar with the outermost one: enamel. Underneath it is a layer of something called dentin, and within that lies the inner chamber of your tooth which houses the dental pulp. This pulp consists of numerous blood vessels as well as the sensitive nerve of the tooth. When the pulp is exposed to bacteria, whether because of decay or dental trauma, it can infect the nerve and cause a tremendous amount of dental pain. In order to relieve it, Dr. Bal will need to perform root canal therapy, which is a straightforward procedure where the infected tissue is actually removed.

Thanks to modern dental techniques including local anesthetic and sedation dentistry, this often feared procedure is now no more “excruciating” than getting a small filling. Often, the pain people associate with root canal therapy stems from the initial infection itself and not the procedure!

With this treatment, Dr. Bal is able to eliminate even the most severe dental pain and save a tooth from being extracted. After it has been completed, the tooth will need to be further restored using a dental crown in order to get it back to full strength.

So, if you are experiencing any kind of dental pain, be sure to contact the Bal Dental Centre. If we tell you that you need a root canal, don’t fear, because that just means your pain will soon be just a distant memory.